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Message From The CEO

Martin Stark

I set up WGBC to show that LGBTQIA+ people and our allies belong in the ring and can be Olympic Champions and World Boxing Champions. We disrupt homophobia, transphobia and hatred through increasing LGBTQIA+ inclusion and participation. 

Boxing is for everyone!


We are holding the world's first accredited amateur boxing competition for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies from 18-22 February 2023. Everyone is welcome with straight people able to compete. The competition is about inclusion and showing boxing is sport welcoming everyone. The championships will be held at Australian Turf Club's The Winx Stand conducted under Boxing Australia rules and sanctioned by Boxing Australia NSW.  There will be Australian and international boxers competing the over five days.



WGBC CEO, Martin Stark, speaks to CNN on disrupting homophobia, transphobia and hatred in sport.


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