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The Boxers' Handbook

Boxing Program

Participants will be matched with an opponent of similar ability, weight, and fitness level to ensure a fair contest. Two fighters will face each other in bouts of 3 rounds of 2 minutes with at least a 1-minute break between each round. Please note for bouts for novice masters and 60+ age division will be 3 x 1.5 minute rounds. 

​​The competition age groups are Youth (17-18 years), Elite (19-40 years) and Masters (41 and above). For Masters the age groups are 41-50, 51-60, or 61-70 years.

Boxers will be matched in one of three experience categories:

1. Novice (0-5 previous bouts)

2. Intermediate (6-9 previous bouts)

3. Experienced (10 or more previous bouts)

Female: 48-50kg, 50-52kg, 54-57kg, 57-60kg, 66-70kg, 70-75kg, 75-81kg and 81kg+

Male: 54-57kg, 60-63.5kg, 63.5-67kg, 71-75kg, 75-80kg, 80-86kg, 86-92kg and 92kg+

Additional Information

    • Australian participants will need to be registered with a Boxing Australia state organisation (like Boxing NSW). For links to state organisations scroll down the Boxing Australia home page to ‘Member Organisations’.

    • International competitors who are not registered with an official IBA boxing organisation in their country can register with the  NSW Combat Sports Authority 

    • Residents of New South Wales must be registered with the NSW Combat Sports Authority 

    • Tournament briefing and weigh-in information will be provided closer to the event

    • The competition will be conducted under Boxing Australia Rules

    • Please refer to the NSW Office of Sport for information on Serological Clearance. 

Sparring Development Sessions


An option for people not currently registered as a boxer to participate in a non-combative and non-competitive light sparring display, there will be one or more Sparring Development sessions.

  • Matching takes place based on rough age/weight/experience guidelines

  • Participants can spar several times if time allows


Please note that the program requires the approval of the relevant authorities and is subject to change.

Please refer to The Boxers' Handbook contains information about the registration process, boxing program, rules, timetable, medical exam, and serological requirements (blood tests).  The material and information contained in the document is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical, legal, or other advice.


Inquiries about registration requirements or clearances should be emailed to

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