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Participants will be matched with an opponent of similar ability, weight and fitness level to ensure a fair contest. Two fighters will face each other in bouts of 3 rounds of 2 minutes with at least a 1-minute break between each round. Please note for bouts for novice masters and 60+ age division will be 3 x 1.5 minute rounds

​The competition age groups are Youth (17-18 years), Elite (19-40 years) and Masters (41 and above). For Masters the age groups are 41-50, 51-60, or 61-70 years.

Boxers will be matched in one of two experience categories:

1. Novice (0-9 previous bouts), or

2. Experienced (10 or more bouts)


We are offering the following weight divisions:

​Female: 48-50kg, 54-57kg, 57-60kg, 66-70kg, 75-81kg and 81kg+

Male: 54-57kg, 60-63.5kg, 71-75kg, 75-80kg, 86-92kg and 92kg+

Additional Information

  • Australian participants will need to be registered with a Boxing Australia state organisation (like Boxing NSW). For links to state organisations scroll down the Boxing Australia home page to ‘Member Organisations’.

  • International competitors who are not registered with an official IBA boxing organisation in their country can contact WGBC for advice about registering with Boxing NSW

  • Residents of New South Wales must be registered with the NSW Combat Sports Authority in order to box.

  • Tournament briefing and weigh-in information will be provided closer to the event

  • The competition will be conducted under Boxing Australia Rules

  • Please refer to the NSW Office of Sport for information on Serological Clearance

Sparring Development Sessions


An option for people not currently registered as a boxer to participate in a non-combative and non-competitive light sparring display, there will be one or more Sparring Development sessions.

  • Matching takes place based on rough age/weight/experience guidelines

  • Participants can spar several times if time allows


Please note that the program requires the approval of the relevant authorities and is subject to change.