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Invictus Sports

Invictus Sports and WGBC create a virtual LGBTQIA+ friendly boxing coaching community. 


We have entered into a strategic partnership to create a brave space encouraging more LGBTQIA+ people to get involved in the sport of boxing. The collaboration enables LGBTQIA+ athletes and allies to connect with boxing content creators to learn key boxing techniques and skills by watching videos from these creators. Boxers can record themselves replicating the same moves and send it to get personalised feedback from these creators. 


The partnership empowers athletes to get the right knowledge about boxing in an unbiased environment. Additionally, the platform creates a sustainable way for ex-athletes and coaches to earn from their craft  while 

making boxing more inclusive than ever. We will be onboarding boxing content creator coaches from Australia and around the world.


For more information or connect with a coach

Invictus Sports is in partnership with WGBC for virtual boxing community
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