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WGBC publishes findings of its inaugural global...

27th Mar 2023

People from 15 countries completed an anonymous survey conducted by Cultural Infusion to better understand the perspectives and experiences of LGBTQIA+ people and allies involved in boxing. The key findings of the survey are:

· 92.3% say that there is a problem with homophobia in boxing, and almost 90% agree there is a problem with transphobia in the sport.
· Just under 40% agree or strongly agree that boxing is an inclusive sport.
· Three quarters (73.1%) have heard jokes, slurs, innuendo, or negative commentary about LGBTQIA+ people when training or competing.
· Half (51.6%) have witnessed homophobia or transphobia where they train or compete, and just under 40% respondents have experienced homophobia/transphobia, bullying or harassment.
· Almost a third (30.7%) would not feel comfortable addressing homophobia/transphobia they experienced.
· Two thirds (65.4%) say they feel accepted and included, and have ‘visible’ allies.
· The majority of respondents (53.8%) are either out or would feel comfortable coming out and almost half (46.1%) say there are visible signs for the support of LGBTQIA+ people where they train or compete.

The results of the survey create an opportunity for us to partner with boxing organisations to remove barriers, grow the sport we love, and provide a benchmark from which we can measure progress.

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