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Meet Our Partners

WGBC is supported by partners who share our values and are committed to equality and inclusion. They are great allies and help us disrupt homophobia, and transphobia and increase LGBTQIA+ inclusion in boxing. We are eternally grateful for their support.

Bronze Partners

Diversity Atlas

Diversity Atlas provides a world-first survey tool for organisations to understand, on a deep and nuanced level, the demographic and cultural makeup of their workforces.  The platform measures cultural and other metrics of demographic diversity and has been designed such that key facts and insights can be gleaned around the specific aspects of diversity that are most relevant to an organisation.

WGBC partners.png

Invictus Sports

Invictus Sports and WGBC create a virtual LGBTQIA+ friendly boxing coaching community. 


We have entered into a strategic partnership to create a brave space encouraging more LGBTQIA+ people to get involved in the sport of boxing. The collaboration enables LGBTQIA+ athletes and allies to connect with boxing content creators to learn key boxing techniques and skills by watching videos from these creators. Boxers can record themselves replicating the same moves and send it to get personalised feedback from these creators. 

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King Lawred

King Lawred limited is a Ghanaian construction company providing integrated building solutions. Our expert team handles various projects including industrial, commercial, and residential construction and design, infrastructure and water treatment, civil engineering, tourist attractions, event handling and management, general merchant and supplies as well as completing any and all administrative tasks. We pride ourselves on over two decades of serving an extensive list of clients, whose trust we have worked to earn. Our work ethic focuses on a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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