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Updates from the 8th-month mark

Exhausted! First public event in a very very long time. Standing isn't fun.

What's fun is meeting so many people (more than in the last year) and having a great connection over the love for movement & sports, agreeing how psychological safety is paramount for anyone and everyone and care of your body, mind and spirit.

Being part of WGBC has changed my life in ways I can't describe. Working with Josh King and his amazing crew at Corporate Fighter is beyond expectation, tbh. A gift from the gods to be working with you.

They've given us such a great start in kicking off our major gala event: Fight Night in Sydney - 26th Jun 2021. Mark your calendars. It's going to be one helluva event! Classy, safe (for our fighters) and fun.

We are doing this as part of our roadmap to hosting our championship fight in 2023 in Sydney. I know. It's freaking incredible.

This is all thanks to the work of this marvelous man, Martin Stark.

Two years ago, we were parked along the Dee Why coast as we recorded a video on our love for boxing and his goals for hosting the world's first ALL GENDERS (LGBT+-inclusive and straight-friendly) boxing championship. The words relentless and #fearless is how you'd describe Martin. Apparently, I promised him that I'd show up as COO to support his dream. He's not wrong.

Together with allies, Flavia Ribeiro De Souza, Sharon White and Paul Johnston, we, the board setup WGBC in Jul last year. We have 45+ fighters worldwide who have registered their interest to fight by 2023 and 5 mentors (Danny Baker, Shaun Jacobs, Cody Braman, Jamie Johnson and Clarisse Djomna) to support them. Look how far we've come in this short time! So proud!

You're going to see more updates from me and WGBC here and across social media. Your support and help will matter. Because there's a child in school today being told that he/she/they can't play a sport because their gender identity is at issue. For me, personally, it's about this kid in school more than about bringing the love of boxing out to the masses. No one gets left behind. Not on my watch.

Meanwhile, here are more pictures from our first public launch of Fight Night as part of Mardi Gras festivities in Sydney this year.

Please share and spread this.

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