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You Are So Close!

When you feel like you should give up, know that you are that close!

Fact: If you want to melt an ice cube, you need it to get to 32°C / 89.6 °F

With everything that's going on now, our special message to all.. get ready to amp it up. No matter what!!

Keep the heat on! You're about to crack your goals wide open.

Here's why:

You've worked really hard this past year amidst extraordinary odds and I get that the results may not feel like much now. It's not that you're not succeeding. It is often because you have yet to cross the Plateau of Latent Potential.

Where is this Plateau of Latent Potential? An ice cube doesn't melt between 25-31 deg C. It needs 32deg C for it to melt.

Full credit to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.

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