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Diversity Atlas Survey

WGBC is conducting a short anonymous global survey to gather data of the experience of LGBTQIA+ people and allies in boxing.


We believe boxing should be a positive, affirming, and fun experience for everyone. As we work on increasing LGBTQIA+ inclusion in boxing we are running a short anonymous worldwide survey to help us better understand the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people and allies involved in the sport. We want to understand the perspectives of boxers and those who participate in boxing training; and the boxing crew  (coaches, trainers, judges, officials, administrators etc.)


The anonymous survey will give us much-needed data while delivering qualitative and quantitative analysis. This will provide a benchmark from which we can measure progress. It has been developed by Cultural Infusion with the most inclusive datasets that support the richness of the world's diversity. Cultural Infusion has a long and trusted expertise in delivering many cultural events and experiences for organisations here in Australia and around the world.


Here are the links to complete the survey:

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